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October 20, 2018 | Uncategorized

Even young people don’t them have lost, giving them in every pedagogical discourse doses of affection and if demand him with love we have in our hands a student who we want to be. But the vast majority of teachers will unhook from this obligation and to say that pay them as if the boy learns or not and likes that they leave the salon or to not attend classes, attitude that harms the integral development of the trainees. There are very few teachers who have good sense of belonging, that come to the classroom with dynamism, good attitude and disposition, who are preparing to teach his class. Worth bearing in mind that if a teacher gives his speech with joy, enthusiasm, love and infatuation to reflect on his work implicitly induces the student to receive similarly kind. Conversely happens if the teacher enters the classroom with laziness, I discouraged reflecting dissatisfaction for his work prevented his disciples of the same. So the best method to start an educational process is to possess a good attitude. The creative teacher, scrutinises methods that even if they seem obsolete can bring positive aspects in this process and retrieves and applies traditional games that will serve the student strengthen competencies.

If he has been articulated methodologies, projects and evaluation criteria but having found the context social, educational institutions take good student promotions in grade ninth, with good performance social and labour as well as will be able to obtain good results in tests knowledge and those of subsequent ICFES mind when they are in grade eleven. The great dilemma that presents the teaching and Ministry of national education, is that they do not contribute their bit to contribute to the solution of the problem but one spoil each other blame. And the problem is so serious that between the two you should reflect on aspects that I will describe below: * do there is quality of education when the programs created by the Government’s school restaurant begins with many weeks after the start of the school year and suspended it weeks before finishing the school year and increasingly tend to lower the portion of food that corresponds to each child * does is ethical to enter the Guild of the professional teaching of the?? branches of law, engineering and psychologists who have no idea of how teach a teaching-learning process? Do such people provide equal quality education than those who provide graduates in education? With these appointments made the Ministry of national education will contribute to academic performance of students? Will these people be in the ability to develop good habits of reading and writing in each of the different educational levels? * There will be quality education with teachers who have twenty years of experience in property and are still fearfully? Those who prefer having a car latest model that made at least a Bachelor’s degree. * Does the academic level of students will raise with teachers who placed their students to read literary works and written work, and even scans them into classes? * There are quality education with the politics of the ICFES evaluate alike with the same standards and criteria to all students in the nation, without taking into account the socio-cultural context in which they operate? Some teachers refuse to acknowledge that they have had flaws in the process teaching and learning, because they think that to comply with some content and a few subjects have led a good curriculum, when in reality many of the Guild must give a re-signification, therefore curriculum is everything from relationships between teacher student – context to the topics of each level, and the positive attitude that the teacher takes to their teaching and attract positively the boy so he can get a good learning. .


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