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In a society as competitive as the current knowing more than one language may be a decision or a very successful capacity, so much so that with the simple fact of knowing English or French, you can get a job more easily and even earn one salary higher if you already have one. In our country the maternal language is the Spanish. However, in recent years the study of English as a second language has become very popular. This is mainly, due to the large number of Dominicans who migrate abroad, especially to the United States and other English speaking countries. These people travel abroad in search of a job better to provide this same and their families a better quality of life. Globalization, the internet, television and the possibility that our children gozen in a future of greater and better opportunities than we, are factors that are influencing so that as parents we are more interested in giving them the ability to speak another language, especially English. The education today in day receive the children must go beyond the basic subjects taught in school learning, it is necessary to children in addition to their mother tongue, to expand their knowledge by learning another language and what better way than that which is spoken in most parts of the world.

The fact that the child speaks English besides their mother tongue, not create confunsion, as many parents believe, to the contrary, will be more easily absorb all the knowledge and learn to master it more easily. It is said that the best time so that his son study English is situated between the stage of early childhood and age six, when children are highly sensitive to the languages and can study them more quickly, more early study, better will be your domain, however it is never late to start. If your child already has older, no matter brindele the opportunity to learn English and support it. -One of the advantages of the English with respect to other languages, is that we always know a little vocabulary since even without realizing it, we use the language on a daily basis and see it everywhere: spectacular, commercial ads, TV and radio programs, magazines of almost all kinds, computer, Internet, etc. – this learning another language, makes children aware that the world is not all the same, that there is an appreciation for differences and an understanding of other points of view different from his own.

-Children become more creative and develop better problem solving skills. -It helps to schedule your child’s brain circuits so then it will be easier to learn more languages. -Helps les build the confidence necessary to face successfully the social relations: helps them to be more communicative. -It helps les to be more understanding, tolerant and respectful of cultural identity, rights and values of others. -Help they learn their mother tongue and to use it more effectively. -Helps les prepare for the future.When they come to high school, high school and universities now are required to learn other language, so those who already have a base can advance further. In our future, the jobs market will require individuals that already not only dominate the English but more languages. Original author and source of the article.

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