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March 19, 2019 | Uncategorized

When one speaks of Snickers workwear, called at the same time innovative work clothes… .. to meet the highest standards of safety and functionality. Because it is here that the Swedish company Snickers Workwear since 1975. Meanwhile one Snickers Workwear to one of the leading European brands, because they have far outstripped many companies in creativity and technology. Snickers Workwear is committed every day, that work can be done more productive, easier and also more secure.

Moreover, the Swedish company trying to set trends and to redefine the concept of modern work clothing. For this reason they develop the latest clothing technologies possible to boundaries of everyday work clothes, what you succeed as you can see. Functionality, comfort, function, quality and shelf life are the goals of Snickers Workwear. By working with the best institutes and laboratories of Europe this ensures perfectly without question. However is the test crew of Snickers Workwear the real reason that the goals are met. Credit: Brian Armstrong-2011. It tests the work clothes in the daily work routine and different climates in any weather. Depending on how good are the tests is further research, improved the clothes and tested again.

As long as until finally the desired property of Snickers Workwear is reached. Snickers Workwear also places great emphasis on detail work no matter what clothes they are. Thus they feel immediately what piece of clothing they wear. To ensure an optimal fit, there are the Snickers Workwear Workwear in Langen – and Oversizes. High-tech at work, so that could be defined well Snickers workwear, because they use as we know only the best materials. Gore-Tex material such as is extremely hard-wearing, especially breathable, waterproof and windproof. Gore-Tex membrane contributes that the work clothes from the outside is waterproof, while body moisture in the form of water vapour without any problems can escape.

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