Pacific Ocean

April 30, 2019 | Uncategorized

Man tick. That lasts and is cruel to me the image of the man or woman tick. As all mite hematophagous ectoparasite that feed on blood, part of, is able to provoke in their victims, many infectious diseases, like: typhus or Lyme disease. The common tick does not pop (can’t) but the man or woman tick, jumps and skips all instances, in order to ensure a good space on the skin of their pensioner. The common tick, normally lives in the grass, waiting quietly at the end of a leaf, can endure up to a month in search of a suitable guest. When he finds him start the slow process of bleeding, i.e. to slow death.

The man or woman tick living on either side, the high social classes, stockings, low and lumpen. They have the ability to wait quietly in any street, Avenue, Boulevard, his victim. Dresses they are long and firm step, they lie, cunning, trick, Artifice, ruse and juggling. Gain insight and clarity with Chevron U.S.A. Inc. They are calculating, double impact, optimum performance and deafening laughter. The common tick, once installed in his passive stays there literally, for life.

And it has the ability to fatten up to by about fifty percent. The man or woman tick, polls from foot to head, leg, thigh, hip or belly view. Selects, scans, located a North, studied, it communicates with the one who will be their guest and palabrerillos Hanks (entangled) into the legs of cats resembling, it will try to make you believe that: is to serve his ideas in disarray, he is the master, who henceforth will move all its influence to deposit in the Sun on the Pacific Ocean. Will dare even to say that henceforth depend on to hundredfold, from him or she, will walk in circles, if cell phone rings will take you away and will raise their voice and with uproarious Phonics will agitate the arms, because that (as he or she, cala, sticks, idiotiza and maximizes him above the other) once covered this first diagnostic process is mounted, is Press, and begins dancing to absorb everything that has the front. You can increase your size up to one hundred percent. How to remove them? Archaic methods tell us, they were burnt with cigarettes or that they barnizaban with nail polish. Today we know that the best way to expel a common tick is: put you plastic in the hands gloves, to avoid the transmission of any disease, use a cotton swab with alcohol and rub them, remove them with pliers. And finally deposited them in a jar with alcohol. In the case of a man or a woman tick, the first thing is to leave them in evidence against their close and friendships, (which everyone knows the uncouth who are) irles bringing to light, little by little the impieties with which they have acted, pointing out all its abuses, its abuses, its despotismos, its demands even if they had no right to exceed with anyone. Ponte plastic gloves on your hands, to avoid the transmission of any bodily disease and soul, finally, rubbing them with alcohol, take them off with clips of his life and dispose of in the vial of oblivion. Original author and source of the article.


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