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March 15, 2019 | Uncategorized

Gerhard Huber makes what Orgone of the Association to promote energetic well-being and why do you need it? Orgonite is able to transform dead and damaged life energy into positive life energy and thus to neutralize negative electromagnetic fields. It was found out in tests and trials that orgone that pulsates in resonance with low brain frequencies, encourages the brain to work on exactly these frequencies. A constant energy field is created through the use of Orgone, which isolated negative interference fields (such as for example the emissions from masts, mobile mobile, Tetra radio, microwave, ELF waves, radar installations, nuclear power plants, electricity-generating plants, wrapping works, etc.) and or greatly reduced depending on the size of the Orgone generator. Orgone is the result of a completely new technology. Based on the findings of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, it was found that a very strong concentration of Orgone energy can be achieved by embedding small metal particles in organic resin. Due to the chaotic arrangement of metal chips in the mix is a broadband antenna, which is always in resonance with the scalar waves share of an ElectroSmog Causer (DOR – deadly Orgone) and therefore literally neutralized these waves. Orgonite casts this bad energy (DOR) simply positive Orgone, i.e.

life energy and radiate it back. One could say that the energy by constantly hitting metal, is linked with a rejection reaction, accelerates it and thus similar to water in strong turbulence – enormously enabled. Orgongeneratoren of Orgone are currently the best solution against the energetic imbalance with all its consequences. A small Welz from Orgonite is around 150 grams, positioned in the vicinity of a mobile phone masts, it should be able to neutralize the DOR energy of the radio masts. The Orgone generator will restore the natural POR DOR ratio. In addition, the scalar portion of the microwave by using the chips, which act as a tuned mass damper, is neutralized.

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