Koroptsa Stepan Skripnik

April 14, 2016 | Uncategorized

Koropets – a unique village, situated between the so picturesque hills on the coast Dniester, which is called "small Switzerland. Green tourism here began to develop as an alternative to unemployment, through which people go their whole families to work abroad. – We all remember what we had sat down, and now almost each – ruin – says village head Koroptsa Stepan Skripnik. – A welcome rest – it's extra income for a family, so we started to develop green tourism in 2003. Unfortunately, while many scared that estate owner must register the entrepreneur and not served a single tourist has already had to pay tax. But lately this kind of business starts to gain momentum, though, and moves in small steps. Started with that the debris was taken to develop tourism, and in any case, it was necessary to make an effort: first with the Ternopil regional branch of the Association of Ukrainian cities have written a draft and won a grant for cleaning debris, which caused more than a year directly to visitors. But it became clear, happy, not only visitors but also locals.

Now Koroptse ready to receive tourists five modern estates, "ridge" which is an environmentally clean area close to the Dniester, where it is possible for outdoor recreation, natural caves, grottoes, waterfalls, as well as architectural – the same famous palace of the Count of Baden in the center of town – was built. – Benefits of Rural Tourism – indisputable, – says Director of the School of Music Peter , who was one of the first Koroptse equip your house for "green" farm. – Home-like atmosphere, quiet, clean air, a sense of closeness with nature. Important significance and natural products. Incidentally, in Koroptse ten centenarians, who turned ninety. We offer our guests delicious home-cooked meals, traditional villages.

To tidy up the estate, Peter S. along with his wife Oksana three years to earn money in England. In the courtyard next to the new is a century-old house, which had previously lived. Now it willingly settle tourists, attracted by the special atmosphere of antiquity, life age-old Ukrainian village. Its guests a host offers evenings of music. In one room stands a grand piano, which is most often heard when the children come home, Peter Stepanovich, all three – Andrew, Yarema and Nazarov – as musicians. And those tourists who want a special exotics can be accommodated in an old wooden crate in the room – "the manger , joke . Prices do not bite the way, the rest can not only Koroptse – the project development rural tourism have joined the community surrounding villages ripe, bright, mouth-Green, Goryglyady and tip. In each of them fully behind, soul, watching their water wheels Dniester as the wind walking in the crowns of old trees. "Try our dumplings and come visit again," – begged us when leaving residents Koroptsa. Despite the fact that tourists are not so many owners are optimistic and believe in: the tourist still go to the Ukrainian village, because it there waiting. In addition, although holidays abroad and interesting, but at home, so beautiful and yet unknown, that does not yet lost traditions, the native ethnic group and its special culture – close, real and emotional. And do without a "green" – agrousadbah prices significantly lower than in the famous resorts.


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