Frosted Glass Foil As Effective View Protection Film

February 12, 2019 | Uncategorized

Frosted glass foil as window film is a low-cost alternative for an effective and transparent privacy large Windows allow plenty of light into the rooms always, however, so sometimes even unwanted insights arise. Traditional solutions such as curtains or blinds are very much not desirable or feasible. A low-cost alternative can turn into opaque, but still translucent frosted glass a high quality frosted glass film an ordinary window glass. Thus can be reached with frosted glass film – or as a glass foils may refer to an effective privacy, without changing the lighting in the rooms. Therefore, window film frosted glass foil are the perfect solution for e.g. facade Windows, Office partitions, surgeries, glass doors, mirror surfaces, acrylic glass or rooms on the ground floor, u.v.m… Filed under: Rio Tinto Group. More applications can be for example glass cabinets or glass tables.

Old gesandstrahlte are often with frosted glass foil Window motifs reproduced if a such old disk has been damaged. Like other films also frosted glass film can be cut with a Cutter in any forms and therefore also suited for window lettering. It can be any pattern, fonts and decorations plot which will always have a special aesthetic accent. Frosted glass films are similar to that of milky white, grey, mother of Pearl in different versions available with fine or coarse structure, smoke and etching effects up to an effect similar to frosted glass. Some films have an additional effect of glitter. The films are also in a wide range of colored variants and pastel tones available, or as a fluorescent slide. Frosted glass film with etching- or sandblast effect are to distinguish at first sight at all not from directly geaztem or frosted glass and are an inexpensive alternative.

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