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April 5, 2016 | Uncategorized

'Also, customers no longer need to think about the storage of the finished material, they get a product that is literally 'on wheels' can be directed to the production line', – says Denis Chetverikov, director of logistics company . Due to this domestic companies in engineering and other can go to the most progressive schemes of work – the Japanese system 'Kanban' and European 'Just in time'. Their meaning is reduced to what is now the initial reserves by the quantity meet the needs of one or another stage of the production process, rather than accumulating as before. In fact, any store – it is 'frozen' assets. The modern concept of development of production involves minimum stage of storage: ready-made parts from smc received by a target date and almost immediately fall onto the conveyor. Compliance with such accuracy seriously raises the question of adoption of modern technologies and automation of smc. Although such innovations are useful for any business sector, helping to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

For example, in late 2008 metal trading company 'Ariel' Metal 'has started a new program storage accounting. From now on, every product is accompanied by the original tag by which to identify its type, manufacturer and other parameters. Warehouse workers equipped with portable data collection terminal with the function of reading barcodes. Now to get the necessary information on the whereabouts of the goods takes a minimum of time, is excluded 'human factor' associated with a given product. These and other innovations make it possible at any time more efficient use of available space, quickly producing shipping and handling.

In the future, as it has done in the U.S. and Europe, suppliers and buyers of metal could synchronize their databases gaining access to the information in the online mode. Logistics – is one of the most important ways of increasing the efficiency of the metallurgical industry. Necessary not only to carry faster and cheaper, but also to change principles delivery. Many customers already have to not just 'raw', but qualitative 'cake mix'. Those who meet these conditions, get new markets and grateful, and so regular customers. Elena Grishina 1


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