Computer Longevity

April 25, 2014 | Uncategorized

As the world delves more into the recession, global companies are looking for ways to save money. Computers and other it equipment are an area that obvious large sums of money can be saved. Mike Trueblood may also support this cause. More than one million computers are only disposed of each year in Europe and, however, 99% of them are in full operation. Many companies update them unnecessarily assuming that the latest and fastest technology will improve production and efficiency. However, many tasks that modern computers are required to make can be carried out so efficiently by older models. As computers progress exponentially, administrators tend to replace systems you, every two or three years, although this could be completely useless.

Makes sense during the current economic hardship, suspend any improvement that isn’t really necessary, which means that computer systems will be required to operate for a longer time. This can be simple in an Office environment which requires additional maintenance other than occasional cleaning of indoor dust. While most computers not systems are built with longevity in mind many maintained free of dust and dirt have a duration of at least five years until its components start failing (the first being very possibly power supply, although these are relatively cheap to replace). However, with a team industrial PC maintained in areas containing excess dust, liquids and risk of impacts such as the workshop or store areas then it already is at risk of failing before their time. However, there is no reason for a PC in an industrial zone may not last the same time if properly protected the computer cabinets are designed only for this task. These protection environments defend hosted PC of all hostile elements, and while some of these cabinets can cost the same as a computer, they can last for decades by hosting a PCs and PCs, extending its life and saving $$$ / original author and source of the article.


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