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There are a few trips that are desired by the adventure that involves travel without luxuries or comforts. They are travel without contacts, or employment of travel agencies, involving large hotels, group tours and planned activities, which take the real intention of a journey of adventure. In travel on foot, are seeking new experiences, really knowing as they are the places where you arrive, the customs of unknown places. These trips avoided a prepared and anticipated itinerary, where take you and you bring, limiting your time and where you can not make decisions, by removing the most important trip, know and live the realities of unknown sites, living a real adventure. This adventurous style of travel, is performed with a limited budget, becoming the hosting another adventure. They are safe places that offer a good service, cheap hotels, which does not necessarily imply bad service, only that we find indispensable services for personal hygiene and a bed where to stay. Staying in a budget hotel, is part of the trips on foot, these hotels do not offer different services to the basics. There is no service of private bathroom, room service or restaurant service.

The cheap hotels are basic hotels that offer a good attention, with only basic care. Cheap hotels offer a room with basic furniture, bed, two chairs, a guard clothing and it will offer accommodation with shared bathroom. In the majority of these hotels restaurant or no attention to the fourth. They offer you a clean room where you can’t sleep. Some cheap hotels offer a little more. Comforts such as TV in the bedroom and private bathroom, but no more are provided.

Although economic, does not mean that you receive poor care. They are inexpensive for the fact of providing a basic service, but not for bad service. Filed under: Coinbase. They are hotels with good customer service and offer good hygiene, which do not provide greater comfort. Travel on foot, is a real adventure and if you’re in the Capital of the Valley of the Cauca in Colombia, worth a visit hotels economic in Cali to enjoy unforgettable moments, without leaving you expensive. You can also pass by hotels in the South of Cali, if you want to know other accommodation alternatives and the encounter with many tourist sites.

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