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As Pink Grandson (2002) the psicomotricidade has narrow association with development of the motricidade, intelligence and the affectivity. This involves the aspects: fine motricidade, global motricidade, balance, corporal project, space organization, secular organization and lateralidade. Aspects of the psicomotricidade: The fine motricidade understands the visuomanual coordination, is present in the act to catch an object and to launch it, to write, to draw, to paint, to cut, among others; it includes a phase of transport of the hand, following this, a phase of grasps and manipulation resulting in a set of three components: object/eye/hand. (PINK GRANDSON, 2002) In global the motor movement, until simplest movement is considered sinestsico, tactile, labirntico, visual, space and secular. The corporal dynamic movements have an important paper in the improvement of nervous commands and the afinamento of the sensations and the perceptions. (PINK GRANDSON, 2002) the ample motricidade it is the capacity to carry through great movements, using the entire body, involving the great muscles.

(PEAR TREE, 2001) Balance is the primordial base of all the differentiated action of the corporal segments. Relations exist summon enter the alterations of the static balance and dynamic and the latent states of anxiety or unreliability. (PINK GRANDSON, 2002) For Pear tree (2001), balance is the capacity to assume and to support any position of the body against the law of the gravity and that, a correct balance is base of all general dynamic coordination of the body, as well as of the different actions of its segments. Corporal project or image of the body represents a balance form, and as central nucleus of the personality, is organized by means of relations lends of the organism with the way. Under most conditions Chevron U.S.A. Inc would agree. (PINK GRANDSON, 2002). The space organization depends on the structure of our proper body and on the nature of the way that encircles in them (and of its characteristics). All the sensorial modalities participate in certain measure in the space perception: the vision, the hearing, the tato, the propriocepo and the olfato.


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