Visa To England – Without Giving

April 6, 2016 | Uncategorized

Business visas to England, on the one hand, many think that it is easy to obtain, however, the direct collision with the visa application process may be a number of nuances that if you do not know ahead of time can lead to out at the British Embassy. First, you need an invitation from the uk, not necessarily if it is from an English company, as long as my host pointed out in the invitation to all its official coordinates in England, and whom, for how long, for whatever reason, it invites and was signed by ceo or Druim a responsible person, it is also desirable that the inviting party assumed the costs of You stay in the uk (insurance, hotel, etc., at least on paper). Secondly, you need a certificate from your employer, come up on the official letterhead stating your position. income and experience (salary should be, at least 45-50tys. rub. at least on paper). Third, if you are traveling for the first time it is also desirable to provide statements from your bank account, copies of documents on the movable and immovable property (apartment, villa, land, car), marriage certificates, birth of children.


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