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Furigo Psychological

Therefore, if it does not establish between the professional and the user previous a therapeutical contract where the number of sessions, the schedules is combined, the honorary ones or the frequency of the meeting. The purpose of the planto is to hear and to receive the person at a necessary and determined moment of its […]


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Basic Ensino Education

The treatment of the learning difficulties must be made clinically and with accompaniment of a team to interdisciplinar. 3.1. Update of the proposal pedagogical? losses and profits new the proposal of the National Advice of Education (Resolution n 3, of 03 of August of 2005) to implement a new nomenclature to be adopted in the […]


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The Creative

2.2 The meaning of the phases of the development In accordance with the author the phases of infantile development, becomes an artistic work that it means to reconstruct its half one, providing a good indication on the development of the child, according to Piaget apud Lowedfeld (pg.60): … when studying the reasoning of the children […]


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Human Development

The term development wants to say evolution, progress, movement, change, growth, where we can fixing in them in the biological part, emotional, intellectual or social. The biological development is not independent of the social one and this is not separate of the intellectual. In the highest point, all are related. Jeffrey Hayzlett is a great […]


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Social Relations

Its desires, its aspirations, its feelings, its vision of world had been constructed in agreement its culture, its context partner-description. A certain day suffered an accident, lost, practically, one hundred percent daviso. From there its they can be crystallized and will have a bemcomportado citizen, or them they assume the challenge of if reinventarem, to […]