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The Majority

The autistas demonstrate difficulties in cultivating to conserve a relation, initial social contact, evidencing difficulties in supporting this contact (MORAES, 2004). Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Rod Brooks. The condition also is characterized by standards of behavior, repetitive and estereotipados interests and restricted activities. To deepen your understanding Montauk Colony […]


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Vascular Cerebral

The AVC teaches what it is dependence Antonio Padilha de Carvalho It chokeed with food, it arregalou the eyes, it started to dribble without stopping, fell of side, victim of AVC (Acidente Vascular Cerebral) more known as spill. blood is blocked, does not arrive at the brain, that without oxygen, is very wronged. To deepen […]


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The National Program

Had to the new agreement of the tabgico vice and to the sprouting of new drugs, the possibilities of success in the attempts of abandonment of the tobacco had increased significantly. specialized justinian codes recommend that all the patients who intend to stop to smoke start to participate of support program to the abandonment of […]