Romain Rolland

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” At the same time and parsed content of the book provides a basis for Jean Vercors categorically state that among the French people understand the meaning of these lines is much smaller than that of Russian. Unfortunately, do not understand these lines and St. Ekzepyuri, rightly noted in his book “Military Pilot”, “O man can not say anything substantial, if one tries to define it only by the properties of people.” And these words are simply could not not know J. Bryuller, but in the book of Jean Vercors it had no effect. Not reflected in it and other words of his famous compatriot and contemporary, he wrote in his book “Earth People”: “Be a man – that means feeling that you are over are all responsible. ” It is also claimed and Romain Rolland: “It is necessary that people understand that it is the creator and owner of the world, that it be responsible for all the misfortunes of the earth, and that he belongs to thank for all the good things in life.” And yet, without even realizing Words by Alexander Dumas and Shakespeare, and even in conditions where we still do not know everything about animals and humans in particular, has already been said of St.

Ekzepyuri, Rolland and Vercors, French could make the necessary understanding of the main difference between human from the animal, because they really something better than other people in the world should remember his great compatriot, the most vivid and emotionally, this difference puts it: “After us the deluge!” Who knows, maybe someday scientists conclusively prove that the animals do not care what comes after them, that is not indifferent to what “flowers” grow in the future of the “seeds” that they own affairs, and sow the words in the present. That’s because the facts are known (And would like to write – conscious) to regulate the number of its population of some species of animals when they become “clear” that their future generations will not soon reach or food or space. But civilized savages are increasingly becoming like locusts. And then the person will only have one distinguishing feature – for a future (and past) stretch to eternity. How did Rasul Gamzatov: “You are to eternity in debt … “E. Spencer, one of his teachers mentioned by Shakespeare, and wrote a sonnet 79: Clears the hand of time unbiased beautiful of earthly beauty, but the beauty of the soul it has no power without fear of her time cycle.

She – guarantee that you are behaving sort of spirit from the harmony incorruptible, whose beauty eternally ceases in all that is true and complete. Fine spirit of creation. Everything else – only smoke and ashes. (Apologies to the author this translation. Time had erased the memory of his name) So in the end, it turns out that to understand the difference between man and animal the French does not allow their lack of quality, as demonstrated, for example, after Peter I Battle of Poltava, to recognize their opponents by their teachers. The same Dostoevsky, unfortunately, did not say that the world will save the beauty of the human soul, very rightly said: “One only has received the Russian … the ability to become most Russian only when it is most Europeans.

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