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March 22, 2019 | Uncategorized

On how to learn English now! I try to give them advice and stories of how he learned English and not feel so bad! Do knew you from less English know more we move?, it is true, our brain compensates for with our body what we cannot say or speak, makes us move legs and arms more than due to finish the phrase that we can not end with the language, for example: If ud.sabe English would say GIVE ME THE BOX and they would understand him well, but if ud.no knows the word BOX or box then EA would say GIVE ME THE and then the box shape would EA with their hands! This way the brain completes the sentence. When I started to learn English, seemed a chicken without a head moving arms, was incredible, I do not liked, besides that felt pity and fear, now had to deal with that of the movida also, but I realized that the more practiced English, I felt a little more comfortable and my movements were lesseach Once I did realize that it was less, it looked forward to me because it was an indicator that he was learning English, more practise, more you know and the more you know, less te mueves, i.e. more natural a friend and I arrived in LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA in 1976, and brought you the address of another friend written on a paper, we didn’t know where they were, everything was different, well pintadito nice. well, we were very sorry to ask someone for the address, and after a coin toss, I had to do myself! Finally after I get 15 people I avente and asked if he could tell me how to get to that direction (was super nervous), the Lord, very kindly, I gave addresses planning will try to tell you what I heard, ok? RAMUGOTOTHE RIGHT THEN HHKWLNFJLJHFJWJHFIN THE CORNER, THEN TURN LEFT AND LKJGHIWOURGHA7YRFGOIF, RWGDJHGXFUI2GDGDUDGDGBLUE HOUSE! The Lord was watching and I to him, and told him: THANK YOU SIR!, I gave the half lap and I returned with my do I, my friend, when I approached him, saw happiness in your face that already knew how to get to our destination, and he asked me: what you said? I kept looking at him and replied: I’m very NERVOUS, not LE ENTENDI nothing and not you going to return to ask! well, not to bore them, took us 4 hours to arrive at the correct address, but with luck that our friend already had moved! Well,…returning to the topic, that don’t give them fear or grief, all we have to go through that, is an indicator, that if we move us much, we sonrojamos, in short, do not give much importance, talk to him, I say, throwing, nothing happens them, you know my Motto: practice, practice, practice, and this is another of the thousand and one ways of how to learn English now! Visit my blog:http//comoaprenderinglesya.blogspot.com original author and source of the article..


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