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The fact to avoid the chance does not have anything to do with playing lotteries, biNgos or games of naipes, but it talks about that if we wished to prevail in a specific area we must take the control from the circumstances. How to do it? Well, to take control it is necessary to be giving a series of small steps, soon medium steps, soon lengthened paces, to run and immediately to fly with our projects. Andrew Corentt in its book the Secret of the Power of Metas says to us that a goal requires permanent commitment until causing that the ideas work, then how to take the control? The control is taken in the measurement that we work on the basis of objectives and I put clearly defined and you will know perfectly how to obtain it through book the Secret of the Power of Metas, you will leave from the principle fundamental to culminate a goal must be to define clearly what is what it is desired, when one knows what is what wishes establishes a guide, a direction, therefore we have a vision than we want and all we translate that it in concrete actions, through the reading of this book you will have an extraordinary motivation and there will be no obstacle that cannot defeat because its goal totally will be internalised and will be integral part of its being, that is one of the secrets to cause that a goal has an enormous one to be able. The goals define to us what and when, but they must be formulated suitably, in the book the Secret of the Power of Metas defines a very precise methodology, insofar as is fulfilling each goal and cleared of our life the excuses, our subconscious mind it is taking to be able and it knows clearly which are our intentions. On the contrary when we do not have discipline we began to make of our life a complete disorder and every day we more far see the materialization of our goals. We created our world we do and it through the predominant thoughts that we have added to our emotions, for that reason when we spoke of goals we must feel beautiful an emotional state, only with imagining the form to us in what we will feel when we have obtained our vision. It remembers that you are not at the mercy of chance, or of the circumstances, in fact you can control all their universe, the form to obtain it is to do it of systematic way with the appropriate techniques. If we wished to have an excellent control of our universe we must have the appropriate techniques to obtain any goal, in that sense I recommend the excellent book to them the Secret of the Power of Metas de Andrew Corentt, is a magnificent trip of learning and he will help him to obtain the life that wishes, visits:.


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