New Multitouch Slate

December 2, 2016 | Uncategorized

HP has finally unveiled its long-awaited slate, a tablet of 8.9-inch capacitive multitouch and Microsoft Windows 7. Slate since its conception was promoted with pride by some Microsoft executives as an a real danger for the IPAD and the market that this gadget has cattle and which is broad Dominator. The slate 500 HP Tablet PC is just that, a PC. Runs on one processor Intel Atom 1. drives Z540, has 2 GB of RAM and a disc SSD 64 GB, along with an accelerator of Broadcom for 1080p video, a USB port, HDMI output, a Ctrl-Alt-Delete hardware switch, a button to activate the keyboard on the screen and a couple of cameras, one in the rear for photos and one in the front for Skype users. This new network topology that comes in this new slate is Wi Fi access. On the other hand, it is a multitouch gadgat of soft and pleasant to the touch, the screen includes a Wacom digitizer that can use a pencil and take notes on the screen. The problem here is that this netbook has not a conducive place to save the pen, by which this can be lost very soon; It is best to take care of it! Finally, there are many criticisms about this new creation of HP, especially on the laughable price of this product. HP has tried to justify the ridiculous price with a warning in their press release, which says that it is designed specifically for business. The problem is that the companies are already buying the Apple IPad.

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