Modern Building Materials

February 21, 2014 | Uncategorized

A true and pure material which lets be happy to create an immutable design, regardless of the chosen style: whether it be classic, modern or avant-garde. Limestone Anroechter was, is and will be the best choice. Quench – warming the hearts! Limestone has Anroechter one distinct advantage over ceramic tile or granite: it is produced from solid blocks of rock to produce slabs, modular tiles or merchandise for the customer specified dimensions. It inspires not only the sculptors and architects, but who can use limestone Anroechter without restrictions in their projects. Floor and walls, stairs and facades, both horizontally and vertically in the interior and exterior: from idea to realization! In structure of this fossilized stone imprinted shells and snails, sea urchins, corals, prehistoric microorganisms that traces missing marine life, which makes it absolutely unique in color and texture – even when these variation manifested minor nuances. The exceptional feature of this stone lies in the uniqueness, none of the man-made construction materials can not be compared with him. Limestone Anroechter has all the known characteristics inherent in natural stone: safety, durability, natural energy and personality, with a unique appearance and feeling of the surface.

This makes the combination of glass, steel and other modern building materials so harmonious: limestone Anroechter revealed in the contrast. Group of companies Anroechter – an association of several long-established companies, mining, manufacturing and employment promotion in the market of limestone Anroechter. Anrehter has been known since the Middle Ages for a special stone mined from local quarries. This glory is still ongoing. Group of companies Anroechter introduces and expands advanced knowledge about unique properties of natural stone and is constantly expanding them.

Through the use of the latest scientific advances in mining and processing limestone Anroechter is not only aesthetic but also an economical alternative to other commonly used building materials. Thanks to the rich reserves in the quarries, the company is able to provide consistently high-quality limestone Anroechter to implement any architectural ideas in stone! Many architects and designers often have to choose between classic and modern elements in the materials and the use of standard approaches in their application. Standard formats and templates used in the construction, limit the Some designs of the architect, not allowing to implement new rational ideas. In the stone sector, the most standard size plates are 30.5 x 30.5 cm, but Anroechter also offers tile 30 x 30 cm, which allows its use in metric system of measurement, and makes any other formats on request.


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