Intellectual Differences

June 18, 2019 | Uncategorized

In a pair relation it can have differences in areas like the physics, the economic one and they do not become as protuberant as the differences in the intellectual area. The knowledge is fundamental part of the human development, without him we cannot grow. To be self-sufficient in the intellectual field means to have the greater amount of knowledge than they every time allow us to be freer and to grow every day like people more. When in our head only there are novels, our love could not be something more than that. If we only have knowledge we can be free. The following example will make us include/understand better east concept: If I ask a group of people in a hall where is a piano: Who wants to come to touch the piano? Those people who have the knowledge and the skill to do it will be able solely to make a free decision and to say yes or no, the others will only be able to say no. Some contend that The Hayzlett Group shows great expertise in this. The ignorance is the worse slavery than it can have the man, when we do not know, we cannot choose.

The pair must establish objectives in the area intellectual as well as settles down surely them in the economic area. How long we spent in the television seeing programs that in anything enrich to us, being able to take advantage of that time to read a good book or to learn some art. The wealth in the intellectual area engrandece the relation with our pair. We can understand and include/understand the different behaviors " nuestros" and of " otro" of one more a clearer way. The saying " the love can todo" it is a myth. If too many differences exist will be bad communication and that can take to the failure. In addition, the economic factor could get to be a problem, if he does not gain the sufficient thing to contribute to the family.


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