Brazilian Northeast

July 14, 2013 | Uncategorized

Is thinking long about Marcela, the significance of the character and his work naive question, had replaced the event us child summoned that day, newly born, was marked by his destiny, to such an extent that made it impossible for us to enjoy the message of that day, as probably happened with his mother, Mary, which, according to Luke tells us: But Mary kept all these things, pondering them in her heart. Luke: 2: 19. How many births occur each day, the miracle of life repeats itself over and over again, which will be the destination of every being that it opens your eyes to the world? As the lights that turn on and shuts off intermittently on Christmas and new year’s Eve, so are that lights and turn off at every moment of our life, indicating the children that they are born and they die in search of their destiny, some shine and grow, others languish and die, none, no matter how insignificant it might seem, conspicuous for its creator, somewhere, the miracle of creation will rescue them and in a way that perhaps we can not see nor understand, your light will shine in an eternal Christmas. I was born an April 20, during the second war world, in step Pereira, does anyone know where it is? or if you already? over the years I learned, that an April 20, a boy named Adolf Hitler opened his eyes in this world, but also, in our America, so suffered, one day in a humble place in the Brazilian Northeast, was born a Lula Da Silva, in another indigenous community in Bolivia, an Evo Morales and the lands of Central America, an indigenous girl named Rigoberta Menchu. The lights of life will continue, insisting, suffocating with his tenacity, genocide, famine, wars and devastation, it is the Act of creation that renewing a thousand times, as many as necessary, until you can fulfill the designs of its creator. One time, on Christmas Eve, I was there, when the light was turned on, I perceived in the eyes of a little innocent, the greatness of our essence, our similarities, the dignity of belonging to the race human, controversial, intelligent, creative, sometimes irrational, that coexists with the Saints and demons, depraved and sublime, but that comes into this world with a divine sparkunique and unrepeatable, as the star that rose in the East announcing the birth of the Savior. Thanks, Marcela. Hugh W.


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