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It makes possible the acquisition of different points of view and widening of experiences. It is also a resource to fight the massificao executed mainly for the television. For educating, the book is still an important vehicle for the creation, transmission and transformation of the culture. Through the habit of the reading, the man can take conscience of its necessities, promoting its transformation and of the world. The book can be considered as precious resource of education. However, it is not so popular as the chalk, the black picture, the pencil and the notebook. The amended book number is great, with innumerable different headings that could if used well, to concur for the improvement of the quality of education.

It fits to the professor to guide in the choice of the literary compositions for its pupils leading in consideration factors as the etria band of its alunado and enredos that arrest the attention of these readers in formation. It is necessary that if it remembers that the education of the human being always involves two factors, as nominates Blacksmith (1985); formation and information. Therefore, the knowledge transmitted to the new generations must be worked with the values and customs so that it occurs the survival and evolution of the culture. texts can be used in the accomplishment of educational objectives in such a way to form as to inform. The learning of the reading always presents intentionally as something magical, seno while act, while process of the discovery of an unknown and wonderful universe.

Freire (1985 p.43) affirms: ‘ ‘ nobody educates nobody, as neither nobody educates itself exactly; the men if educate in communion, mediatizados for mundo’ ‘. We conclude thus, that the learning develops in the convivncia, through the experiences lived deeply for the human being in its trajectory of life. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES BLACKSMITH, Emlia and TEBEROSKY, Ana. Psicognese of the written language. Trad. Of Diana Myriam Lichtenstein, Liana Di Marco and Mrio Corso. Porto Alegre: Artmed, 1985. FREIRE, Pablo. The Importance Of the Act De Ler. In three articles that if they complete, 40. ed. So Paulo: Cortez, 2000. 36p. (Collection Question of Our Time). FREIRE, Pablo. The importance of the act to read: in three articles that if they complete. 29.ed. So Paulo: Cortez, 1994. MENEGOLLA, Maximiliano. Its Majesty: the book. In: Young world.


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