10 Tips To Learn How To Play Guitar

February 14, 2014 | Uncategorized

Here are 10 tips or tricks for whoever wants to learn guitar: 1. look at yourself in a mirror. Oobserva your hands and your fingers while you play. It seeks to avoid tension and economize your movements. Make sure you’re not in tension for your position, either sitting or standing. 2 Redefines the Word error calling it results not searched.Having a result not searched, you assume that there is a cause and you should try to discover it and change to producri in different result (the one you are looking for).

Every mistake is an opportunity to learn. Find causes and plans to improve how to obtain a different result. 3 Be specific with error tries to be absolutely clear about what happens with an error. What note are missing? What touched you wrong? Where was supposed to had to go your fingers when you touch? 4 Record yourself every day Grabate in a cassette every day. Listen to it and I decide that things didn’t like you and start thinking how to improve that. 5 Touch in public all you can study you how you play in? public? Are you live? How do you feel emotionally? Do you feel anxiety, fear? Do you feel comfortable? Do you like playing for others? Study you every time and know you better as a guitarist and you will improve. 6 Claims that each finger is a person and gives it a name. What are your qualities? What your defects? Working individually on each one.

Veils as if they were your group, if each does what he must do then things will improve. It focuses on the problems and advantages of each finger from your hands, left and right. 7 Use reminders against it when you practice. Any area that you think need improving, write it on a paper (can be a sticky) and paste it where can see it to remember you improve that aspect in particular. You will always find something what do better! 8. Developed movements. Each time that you move a finger, imagine what will be your next move. Your mind will have the clear idea and your fingers will obey the brain more easily. 9. Body language. When you practice, put attention to your whole body. Your posture is vital to avoid fatigue. 10 Use a metronome. Use a metronome to build your technique and measure your performance. Plays at a speed that comets or a single error. When you have more comfort, then the speed increases if you want to learn to play guitar in the best way and without effort I recommend you visit this block original author and source of the article.


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