Xavier Guix

March 25, 2014 | Uncategorized

He has been thinking about how many opportunities we lose by not knowing how to relate? It is not perhaps common to hear that this world is made for people who know how to relate?. There are those who have that gift to fall well all and there are those who, despite being good people, with great intelligence, projected a distorted image by not knowing how to properly communicate. Well what express Xavier Guix in his book let me explain nor understand me when it comes to the balance that must exist between communicating and interacting. Communication is a matter of skill and craft, while knowing relate is know to be yourself and be with others communication aims to build stable relations to cope in an environment. There is no doubt that in relations come into play the feelings that sometimes unite us or divide us. Communication is not easy or difficult, we who complicamos things. Guix points out that there is the principle of intentionality; refers to any action always leads an intention and when we look at the actions of other people, usually attribute you the intentions I have associated.

It is so common that we enter into conflict, when we judge a fact, at first glance, from our perspective, since our intentions, which are not necessarily exact. We must understand that people are not the same as yesterday, or of an hour ago. We are subject to changes of emotional States, product of the situations we face. Therefore it should not surprise us when the boss today is in a bad mood and yesterday was a rattlesnake or when the husband or the wife has the same expression and tone of voice yesterday. It is important to determine how the person is now and here? What feels today and here? and how is our relationship today and here? understanding the present is fundamental, because we can be at different times, with different internal States and different intentions.


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