Wood and Blades

March 24, 2017 | Uncategorized

The standards of quality demanded by the consuming market tend to be each time bigger. The agreement of the drying is basic for the development of the wooden industry of products. The internal air outflow in the drying chamber is of utmost importance for the withdrawal of the existing humidity in the surface of the wood that if is drying. This outflow is influential factor in the speed of the drying, as well as in the uniformity of the humidity. Also it carries through the forced convection of the heat. The outflow of entrance and air exit determines the dry air renewal for inside of the drier, that is, it carries through the desumidificao of saturated air already with humidity.

For a drying with bigger homogeneity, as well as lesser loss of energy for the external way, the adjustment of the dry air renewal becomes necessary. In this way they will be able> to be gotten resulted sufficiently satisfactory, as the increase of productivity, reduction of energy losses and better distribution of humidity between the blades. For this, adjustment methodology was created, being necessary to follow some steps, aiming at the accomplishment of the adequacy. Details can be found by clicking Montauk Colony or emailing the administrator. MEASUREMENT OF the OUTFLOW OF the CURRENT DUMPERS Considers for outflow of air renewal the same outflow of the exit of dumpers, for driers of existing conventional blades in Brazil. The outflows of dumpers are calculated in function of two 0 variable. Outflow m /h = Area m x Air speed m/s x 3,600 the air speed can be measured of two forms, being used the one that better to adjust itself to the physical conditions of the driers. The first form is using of a device called Pipe Pitot, and second, using an Anemometer.


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