Wedding Jeff Clockey

February 12, 2014 | Uncategorized

Sometimes, the tragic stories seem to be marked to fire in the genetics of certain people, and if these are cult budding musicians, it can be said without fear of making mistakes, it all takes a tone, a tone of decadence against which can do little own musicians or their desperate families. Jeff Clockey was a great singer, guitarist, a representative of the most sublime pop spiced with rock slow and deep, who like many of the great artists of the past century, came to an end shortly in line with expectations that had been deposited. It was a good-natured person, little scandals aficionado, little lover of the excesses and extravagances typical of many musicians, they their careers were consolidated or not. He was still preferring a nice afternoon of fishing aboard his Barca favourite in the lake where he had spent the greater part of childhood, rather than a drunk in a bar in a lost city where just give a concert. That is why, when he decided to marry his childhood sweetheart, nobody was surprised of I would make it to the edge of the Lake in his past, and that the details of wedding the couple gave were small boats of fishing and fishing rods in miniature, with his fishing line and everything. Unfortunately the musician died in that same Lake shortly thereafter, drowned in mysterious circumstances that were marked to fire in the family history, because his father had suffered similar fate years ago.


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