The Number

December 1, 2013 | Uncategorized

Gone is the pain in her injured leg. This influenced my opinion and I agreed to take Noni juice. That same night, she gave me to drink 3 oz. The next day I felt a surge of energy that forgot about the doctor’s advice to stay in bed and even himself went to the store! A month later, taking Noni juice doctor recommended I start taking a new combination of drugs. I was afraid to take the full dose and on the first day received only half the required number of drugs.

Side effects were not. A day later I took the whole dose. Again, no side effects. My wife asked me whether I accept the new drugs. After my positive response and the reported lack of side effects we are one voice uttered: “Noni”. Noni juice is not afraid to let me take so important for me drugs! 3 weeks after taking the medication, I passed the test.

Viral load dropped to 3.000, while the number of T4 cells increased up to 240! Such a good test I have not had for 5 years! I also know of one aids patient in California who in 1997, being sent home by his doctor to die, began to drink 6 ounces (about 180 gr.) Noni juice every day for 37 days. His viral load dropped from a rate of more than 750.000 to 108.000! And this has been achieved only taking Noni juice without any other treatment. I continue to take noni juice to 2 ounces per day (approx.


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