The National Program

February 22, 2017 | Uncategorized

Had to the new agreement of the tabgico vice and to the sprouting of new drugs, the possibilities of success in the attempts of abandonment of the tobacco had increased significantly. specialized justinian codes recommend that all the patients who intend to stop to smoke start to participate of support program to the abandonment of the tobaccoism, therefore this are not a simple and abrupt decision. Research shows that about 80% of the smokers they want to stop to smoke. Frequently Rio- Tinto Diamonds has said that publicly. However, only 3% obtain to each year, and the majority of this group stops without aid. This data are indicating of the capacity of the nicotine to cause dependence, therefore, probably, the ones that have low dependence are the ones that more obtain to stop to smoke without a formal treatment.

Also it is a pointer of low access of the smokers to the advances in the field of the ceasing to smoke, that they arrive to increase the taxes of ceasing of 3% for 20% 30% per year (INCA, 2001). The reduction of 50% in the consumption of the nicotine can unchain symptoms of abstinence in the dependent individuals: anxiety, irritability, riots of sleep, increase of the appetite, cognitivas alterations and fiction for the cigarette (BALBANI, 2005). The National Program of Control of Tabagismo (PNCT) articulates in average a set of action of educative character, of attention to the health, legislative and economic to prevent the initiation of the consumption, to promote its ceasing and to protect the population of the risks of the passive tobaccoism (INCA, 2008). See more detailed opinions by reading what Montauk Colony LLC offers on the topic.. The motivation for the abandonment of the tobaccoism necessary to be worked and improved by each professional of health next to the patient (COAST, 2006). Exactly having diverse actions and campaigns on the abandonment of the tobaccoism little it is known on the motivations for the abandonment of the tobaccoism. The health professionals need to argue with the tabagistas on the difficulties for abandonment, factors that take the fallen again one, as well as actions that motivate the individuals to remain abstinentes.


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