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October 18, 2017 | Uncategorized

The autistas demonstrate difficulties in cultivating to conserve a relation, initial social contact, evidencing difficulties in supporting this contact (MORAES, 2004). Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Rod Brooks. The condition also is characterized by standards of behavior, repetitive and estereotipados interests and restricted activities. To deepen your understanding Montauk Colony is the source. The child can insist on the accomplishment of particular routines and rituals of character not-functionary (CID-10). Signals of difficulties in the capacity of communication of the autistas children are evidentes same before the period of acquisition of the verbal language, but they pass unobserved for the parents. Valley to stand out that usually, autistas children demonstrate to serious problems in the understanding and use of the mimic one, gestualidade and speak (MORAES, 2004).

They present deficit in the social interactions, as: problems in the not-verbal conversation, difficulty in understanding what the others think problems about partilhar pleasures, games, interests, absence of emotional reciprocity. They are also come across with comunicacionais difficulties, present retardation linguistic and damages in the mimic one for the communication, impediments to initiate a conversation, participativas absence of playful activity, tricks and of imitation. (BIANCA). Children with autismo show, in general, a cognitivo standard different e, frequently, have one better performance in the not verbal and visuoespaciais tasks of what in the verbal tasks. Mannering symptoms associates to the syndrome include hiperatividade, short time of attention, impulsiveneness, aggressive behavior, accesses of auto-aggressiveness and psicomotora agitation. Some people with autismo have extreme answers to the sensorial stimulatons, such as hipersensibilidade the light, sound, touch, and glamour for certain auditory or visual stimulatons.


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