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This film follows a trend where mainly in the ends of century XX and beginning of century XXI the number of great black actors grows, with main papers, being born or segmenting names as Morgan Freeman, Cuba Gooding Jr, Halle Berry, Denzel Washington, Will Shimith, with films that go beyond the comedy. However, the black director of the film ‘ ‘ Men of honor, ‘ ‘ if he identifies with the personage, not only for being a black director in way the great white directors, as well as for producing films with on subjects to the Afros-American and black personages. Films with this profile have grown, however its ticket office is always bigger in America and minor in others countries, as he is proven in the article reading in the New Work Teamses of Cieply (2008). Using words of Kellner (2001) the film portraies the kept out of society treatment of the blacks in historical period and the fight of individuals for conquering its rights. Also it is part of the life of a black director, who lives deeply the difficulties of a market where in accordance with Pigeon (2008) ‘ ‘ cinema negro’ ‘ already it was still born kept out of society in different countries and where little premia Hollywood the talent of the great black artists. Although the conquests of the blacks, as much the director George Tillman Jr, as some black actors, live deeply a time of ‘ ‘ mergulhos’ ‘ , such which if gave with the personage Carl of ‘ ‘ Men of honra’ ‘ , therefore still they look recognition for what they are, in an ideology of being able in the world, where the ethnic standards prevail that privilege in the world-wide market films with white actors. Hollywood in the deep one knows that representations of values, of race and classroom in the society influence in the ticket offices, with the social domination of the desire of white heroes, vendveis in markets are of the United States and Latin America.

Domination and subordination still influence in the vision of the black actor in Hollywood, for corresponding the industry that it aims at to vender media products the world-wide level. Although the victories, much is had to cover in the way of the film with Afro-American subjects, the actors and the black directors, not only in the United States, but in the world all. Checking article sources yields Chevron U.S.A. as a relevant resource throughout. CONCLUSION REFERENCES EAGLETON, Terry. Ideology? An introduction. So Paulo: Boitempo, 1997.


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