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It has some days, I arrived of a trip the Caic, the 300 km of Natal (RN). Pra if to have an idea, one gone of Itaguara until corresponds the 23 there gone until Belo Horizonte. such took taken over on a contract basis me to a deep existencial reflection On Half-barren and the Caatinga, […]


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Federal University of the Acre

In the specific case of the Federal University of the Acre, essesesforos come being vivified in elapsing of the years by means of action that essainstituio of superior level has developed in the area. One of these actions to podeser observed since the year of 1995 with the creation of its Programa dePs-Graduation (PPG), come […]


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River Mamanguape Ambient

This work looks for to analyze of socioambiental form the revitalizao of the River Mamanguape, through the recovery of the ciliar bush that was destroyed in the source, that has 170 more than extension km. Aiming at to recoup the degraded areas of the spring of the river in favoring the access the captation equipment […]