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March 24, 2022 | Uncategorized

A professional, do not exaggerate nor envelope sells a product or service, and seeks always to get and keep the confidence of the prospectus, so this buy, promise things that does not comply with the product, become talkative, but if you search for truly benefit his client, this will be perceived, and therefore will get you sales sooner or later. (7) I am happy doing what I do, why it is the best job in the world. This point I call success, however, you must be happy with what he does, if you are in a job that you don’t like to perform, change jobs and be happy, successful, because it so repeat this affirmation a million times, it was unable to make it reality, you must have passion for what they do, and thus, this statement will be your main tool for success. (8) Every day, in all aspects, I am better and better, or, I’m getting better and better in everything that I do and I like to do. What else can I say to not say if same this assertion and its possible variant, even though in your subconscious does not believe it at first, will yield fruits, but must continue by repeating it. (9) I become richer with each passing day. This will become reality when you begin to see the fruits of the above statements, but you must be sure that this will happen as well, so you should feel that is already happening, because it is impossible to stop the success if you do things well, unless it sabotages to yourself, remember that mind gives you what you want, even if you yourself don’t know you want it.

The above example, suppose that you have in your hands a special product, but it is completely new, has seen the studies, benefits, etc. But you think and if not complied with everything that says it offers? I’m going to do if an annoying customer calls? His mind this means you actually do not want to sell, and although you want to consciously do it and succeed, your mind goes to work against yours and will turn their fears into reality. (10) Right now, there is another person who wants to buy what I have, this waiting for me to talk you, (or call, contact, etc) and need to complete your order now. If you are convinced of the benefits of the product, its characteristics, etc. His mind thought that it would be illogical that someone don’t buy you this product, your whole body will transmit this message to the subconscious of his client, and this thought subconsciously in the same way, what would cause one sale. These statements can pronounce in any combination you prefer, aloud or silently. Each is designed to dispel certain types of doubt, pronounce them with conviction, so that you feel and act invincible. Repitelos daily for 90 days, to stand up and lie down, this is not more than insert new programs in mind, always works, but you must be disciplined to achieve results, they must be 90 days in a row, without skipping any.

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