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-The OXSEED combines the advantages of remote access via the Internet with a timely and central storage of electronic data archives. It meets all the criteria from the legal and audit-proof storage and retention up to the comfortable search function. -An intelligent and highly scalable software solution for the capture, indexing, separation, conversion, distribution and archiving of digital documents and high-volume print data streams is OXSEED AFP2web. This information from existing data and documents can be as required in any data and document formats convert. At CeBIT, we present on demand solutions, supporting our customers, to make their work lives easier and more productive.

Because our products can help a wide range of companies in tackling the work everyday. Everyone is invited to come with us, and to convince yourself of the opportunities of the cloud” emphasizes Anne Laureen Lauven, marketing manager of OXSEED Aktiengesellschaft. OXSEED Aktiengesellschaft OXSEED Aktiengesellschaft is an international manufacturer of Web-based software solutions for business process management and enterprise document transformation. The company is one of the pioneers in the strongly growing market for software is as a service concepts with the same name on demand platform. In the scope of enterprise document transformation among OXSEED with AFP2web product recognized technology leaders. The SOA-based OXSEED architecture allows to develop businesses and organizations, individually tailored on demand solutions and to integrate them into their own business applications. Together with partners offers OXSEED special solutions for the introduction of the digital post office (OXSEED mailroom), for Web-based invoice processing (OXSEED invoices), electronic bill delivery (OXSEED billing), for the digital contract management (OXSEED contract), as well as for the right safe, digital archiving (OXSEED archive) on. OXSEED employs currently over 70 employees who serve more than 250 customers at the locations in Bielefeld and Filderstadt, as well as in India, Poland and the Ukraine. Users are including the logistics provider DHL, the online tyre dealer Delticom AG, Halle health insurance in Stuttgart, the Steigenberger Hotel Group, as well as the Bank specialist fiducia IT AG. Your contact: OXSEED Aktiengesellschaft Regina Matt Santosh Banerjee Road 17, 33611 Bielefeld Tel. + 49 (0) 521 977 933-164 email:

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