Spanish Galgo

June 11, 2013 | Uncategorized

He is one of the least known in the world, although it is well known in Spain, its country of origin. This dog is very similar to, or English Greyhound, but both races have different lineages. This greyhound, great height, looks thin but not weak. On the contrary, despite their great agility, a dog is muscular and very strong. Its general morphology is of fundamental importance to the work for which it was developed. Being a hunting dog speed, the Spanish greyhound needs a streamlined structure.

So long, thin head, next to the thin body and belly retracted, allow you to reduce wind resistance. The flexible spine arched back and also help this dog is a great runner, and that allow a greater scope. For its part, very deep chest can accommodate a proportionally larger hearts than other breeds of dogs, which is necessary for an animal to be oxygenated quickly. Personality The personality of the Spanish greyhound is quiet and usually does not make friends lightly. So it's good right from socializing small, so they do not become shy or aggressive dog. However, it is a very docile dog with yours, but somewhat independent, very loyal and great companion. During the hunt is fierce and brave, but his family is a very friendly dog.

Although it has a strong prey drive, can be trained to get along with cats and other pets, provided that educates him from puppyhood. Care The Spanish greyhound dog tends to be resistant to disease, but may be susceptible to diseases common in large breeds, such as hip and elbow dysplasia, gastric torsion and problems associated with rapid growth during childhood and adolescence. These dogs need plenty of exercise, so you must live in a house with a big garden. They also need to receive basic training and lots of company. They are not suitable for apartment living suits them best and live in rural areas where they can run more freely than in urban areas. The Spanish Greyhound short coat does not require special care and it is sufficient regular brushing to keep it in good shape.


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