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Facebook is a tool of social communication that connects people with friends, family or colleagues work to relate in a fast and fun way.People used to keep up-to-date with your network of friends, but for companies is an excellent tool to promote your products or services, and stay in touch with your customers from a little less commercial and more spontaneous relationships. With your company Facebook page you can adapt the Social Media Marketing in your organization users and customers using the platform, knowing more about. Develop your brand on Facebook. The platform offers excellent tools to build a presence reaching more than 300 million users of the social network. Target your market and obtain information from potential clients who otherwise could not obtain. I.e., you can better understand their interests by visiting their personal profiles on facebook based on data demographic of interest such as language, country, city, business or thematic networks, gender, among others. To begin to exploit this platform you will need to create an account or website for your company and start to implement steps that will help you build your company on facebook’s brand. It integrates your blog and your Twitter account with your company Facebook page so that they appear on the wall and thus get more audience.

Send invitations to friends of your fans and create different lists of friends as companions of work, family, business contacts etc., for quick access to each contact. Publishes content of interest in the wall and keep a cautious frequency, in such a way that you post is not as Spam. It presents audiovisual material such as photos, videos, and podcasts. This gives you a more social and dynamic environment to your company Facebook page. It includes the link or URL of your company profile on facebook in other advertising media such as websites, email, blogs, etc. It implements Facebook Connect to integrate your website with facebook, you can also join other groups and pages related to its commercial activity. It also leverages this platform to invest in online advertising of your company on facebook with Facebook Ads system, where you pay for every potential client who is interested in your services. If you want to learn more about Social Media Marketing strategies for your business on facebook and other social networks, request your consultation free! with one of our consultants calling today same 401 709 43 42 or visit for comprehensive advice or follow us on Xzito your best solution.

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