Smart House

June 19, 2016 | Uncategorized

Or, for example, the heating system ensures that at night and during the absence of the owners of the house temperature was lowered. A ventilation system is activated only periodically – with predetermined time intervals or at least air pollution. It must be remembered that in addition to significant savings in money careful use of energy brings a significant contribution to solving global environmental problems. The system of 'smart house' can render invaluable service and save you from spending a solid case of water leaks, gas leaks or fire, thanks to the established sensors, water leak, flood sensors, smoke detectors. After a random accident may cause a corrupt and ruined property repairs. Intelligent systems of accounting and control of energy resources will not only cut off water or gas, but in time to report the incident, as related in a continuous mode with the controller. And of course, do not forget about the alarm, which in case of violation of public order allows you to transfer the call to the police station. Intelligent building saves not only money but also our precious time. Think how much time is spent on what to check before going off whether in the house all the lights and Electronics? A Have you ever watch the tv remote to search? Home automation allows you to manage any system from any room. The house is always under your control – you can not even get up off the couch. Examples time-saving mass. On the way to work can give the command to his house, and when you come home, you will be waiting typed in a hot tub. Or in the morning, your wake-up, already will be brewed coffee. And if you're in a hurry and do not have time to feed the fish – it does not matter, it will be possible to do this is out of office by sending a message using sms or through the Internet. This is not an exhaustive list of how the home automation system can help you save money. Savings not installation of "smart home", and subsequently using it. It is important to understand that intelligent home – it's not a craze, a reasonable solution to our current and future housing and living problems.


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