Sim Arguments

October 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

This it is the following one: – You have to support what you defend with good arguments. – You have to accept to argue your arguments. The objective is that you are to think philosophical; but to be able to think philosophical it will have to know to use a set of instruments that will allow to think you more of organized form and systematic. you will have to correctly understand the ideas that we will go to study? exactly that you find that they are made a mistake. If to obtain to say of clear, articulated and basic form in good arguments because reason is missed, already you will be to make philosophy.

– To be critical is not ' ' to say mal' '. To be critical is to look at with imparcialidade for all the ideas? it wants are ours, of our colleagues or famous philosophers. we look at for they with imparcialidade to be able to evaluate if they are true or not. – To be critical is not to be fancy. A person can perfectly be critical and to follow the certainties of the majority. To be critical is not to say ' ' No' ' to only mark difference. To be critical is to say ' ' Sim' ' , ' ' No' ' , or ' ' Talvez' ' , but with bases in good arguments.

Now let us come back my idea of that everything is relative. That arguments have my favor? If to make me this question, I can answer thus. Throughout the centuries we verify that what we think to be will goes moving. First we thought that the land was in the center of the universe; later that it was not. First we thought that the Christianity was the only true religion and that the Christian God had of being tax for the force.


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