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April 30, 2018 | Uncategorized

For a provisions of services of Service Desk with quality, this Service Desk will be able to use better practical ITIL or other methodologies of market. Tools of Management of well structuralized Services of YOU, also are lifetime for the provisions of a good service. So that the expectations of the customer, external intern are reached all or, it must be established Agreements of Level of Servio (SLA). The SLA is that it will define in how much time and of that forms the service will be given. You mean to have one call to center with agents specialized in giving support in some levels and to some public. In the case of the final consumer, when you purchase a computer and do not obtain to install, you bind for one 0800, that she will explain to it as to install the computer.

In the case of a company, when having problem with its equipment (computer, fax, printer), you bind for a central office that will guide to it on the functioning of such equipment. this attendance can be of some levels. The first operator will be able to lheatender. If it not to obtain, can repass a supervisor. If estesupervisor not to obtain to decide its problem it can repass for outronvel, arriving at the point (in some companies) to dislocate one profissionalpara to take care of pessoalmente.&#039 to it; ' The Help Desk is a tool of control of the requests for improvements or corrections in the systems. 1-) The Help Desk, will provide it easiness to you to follow the course of its request, until its complete concluso.2-) After to create a New Request, will be created a Ticket for the request and will automatically be directed to the Department selecionado.3-) You will be able to follow through the Help Desk in the item ' ' All solicitaes' ' and/or for the email received, whenever she has, something from new on its solicitao.4-) You will be able to also add more information the same request in case that she judges necessrio.5-) Folloiesthe Status of its request until the end as ' ' Concluido' ' .6-) It always creates a New Request, when the subject will be another one so that accompaniment can be independent fact of outro.7-) Uses this option of the Help Desk, as main half of contactar the CasSoft with its requests.


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