Second Hand Clothing

February 14, 2017 | Uncategorized

I would like to share a little about your experience in the field of second-hand. Life was such that about 5 years I lived in a small Baltic country, a town on the border with Russia, and was associated with this business. In general, eastern Europe is a kind of staging for the second-hand clothes. The main flow comes from Western European countries with high living standards. The most popular items on our internal market is second-hand assembled in England and Norway, there are little Sweden-Denmark-Germany, but, as experience shows, these categories are clearly losing. Sell wholesale are two types of goods, the original collection (the original) and sorting. Sort mainly occurs in the Baltic region from the original, due to a lower cost of labor compared to Western Europe.

Let us consider the collection of the original. There are several ways to collect. The most popular and simplest is the so-called door-to-door (door to door). Its essence is as follows: choose a city district with average income, spread leaflets in mailboxes with the content "help the poor penguins in Antarctica unwanted clothes, arrive on a certain day of the week ", then the day of the week go by van to the area and collect the bags with the penguins. It is important to note that most Europeans do not live in apartments and homes. Large charities are put together with leaflets and bags with their logos. In addition, they collect the goods in containers, which typically cost about large and not very commercial centers.


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