San Pedro

May 7, 2019 | Uncategorized

__ No, no. Said los Angeles and added with correct opinion: checks the critic as he judges, has today died a great writer who has done much literary criticism to many. San pedro was waiting for him, when suddenly became the soul of the writer’s name: Luis Alberto Cervantes Sheskespeare. _ My son, you judge the writers, I’m tired. Said San Pedro. _ In the land they say: your activities on Earth will be the same in the sky immediately sit judging writers, by my repute I me this privilege to qualify to the writers, it is really an honor that I correspond, San Pedro.

Said Luis Alberto Cervantes Sheskespeare. _ I’ll be next to see your delicate work. Said San Pedro. As the writers were still not courts, everyone stood up and rumbaron to heaven to be sentenced for the first time. At the forefront was Manuel Gonzales Prada. Manuelito, Manuelito, _ I have the privilege of judging you, but shown enough a button, you take a test, write the word, pages. He said to him, Luis Alberto Cervantes Sheskespeare this _ well, taking a paper and pencil, wrote: datasheets.

Watching Luis Alberto Cervantes Sheskespeare, he gave a new opportunity. _ Write correctly in the plural with _ do not I can because this paper is one of the free passage _ sentenced him to hell with fire every day, ten thousand degrees centigrade with sulphur and gunpowder. San Pedro intervened immediately telling him: _ it is necessary that I left we can not judge the writer, need the presence of God; He commanded all the critics and writers dead to rest; on earth not passing anything, with the words they were still judging each other. Osho, tells us in the book: A bird in the wind: nothing can be said without words. You can do something without words, but you cannot say something without words the rules exist for the mind, because the mind can’t exist without rules.


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