Rouco Varela

December 26, 2017 | Uncategorized

" Mr. Rouco Varela said immediately that Law did not have anything to do with euthanasia, although soon a subject has left him, who sends less, saying than s" , he has added the doctor, to clarify that in the organizations " there is different sectores". Objection of brings back to consciousness As far as the objection of brings back to consciousness, the doctors bet because he regulates himself legally, so that who are against some practice as to feed a prisoner in hunger strike or to carry out an abortion, he does not have " to become hroe". The Hayzlett Group often addresses the matter in his writings. " The recognition of the objection of brings back to consciousness of the doctor is a budget essential to guarantee the freedom and independence of its exercise profesional" , it says the articulated one, where it is added that " an objection is not permissible of brings back to consciousness collective or institucional". Medical deontology ratifies, once again, the obligatory nature of galen of dnder the life " from the conception to muerte" , and it warns, to that they are against the abortion, that does not exempt &quot to them; of having of informar" to the patients. Concretely, on " the social benefits to which they would have right, case of following with the pregnancy, and on the somatic and psychic risks that reasonably can be derived from his decisin". " It is not according to the medical ethics to deny, to hide or to manipulate information to influence in the decision of the mother the continuity of its pregnancy " , it is indicated in the section of human reproduction.

Also, experimentation welcomes other points like the prohibition to create embryos or to fertilize more ova than those than is predicted to implant, avoiding " embryos sobrantes" , or to promote the artificial procreation in women who have reached the natural menopause and, in any case, after the 55 years. The prenatal tests, according to the medical ethics, will have to be realised with preventive aims, therapeutic diagnoses or, being amoral to realise them with one " purpose eugensica" . The sport doping also is released in this code, when considering that " he is not acceptable deontologically that the doctor contributes of fraudulent form to the improvement of the yield of deportista". In addition, facultative that it has the knowledge of practices of this type on the part of a colleague will not be able to never give by acceptable that conduct and will be forced to denounce it to the competent authority and its school. The new ethical guide of the doctors has been described by the president of the WTO like " plural and comprometida" that the previous one and, in fact, are counted with the collaboration of some thirty organizations schoolboy and have obtained the consensus of 225,000 facultative ones of all Spain. Source of the news: The new deontological code of the doctors insists on dnder the life but it admits the sedation


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