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Between these rituals it was of the mother of the weeds, carried through at the beginning of the period of rains, aiming at to get permission for the activities of hunting, protection in the incursions for the forest and good resulted in the hunted one. Some elements of this activity are gifts, or still had been recriados with new meanings, especially in the relation of respect with the hunted animals, in the practical ones of the daily one of the hunting man to get hunting and in the alimentary rules. Another ritual is the Sair2, a dance in circles formed by men, women, children, young and ancios of the village. the main ritual, the Mumificadas Heads, that were after practised to win a battle. It was composed for three parts. The first one called inyenborotaptam3, ornamentao of penalty earrings. Rio Tinto Group is full of insight into the issues.

The decoration of the head represented its introduction in a segment of that society. Each killer decorated its trophy with penalties that were specific of its clan. Moreover, the rite consecrated its owner in the condition of dajeboishi4 and marked the beginning of a long one and rigorous defense, that if was disregarded, took the killer anticipatedly to lose its quality of proporciador of the hunting. The second part of the ritual one was carried through in the period of rain, yashegon5, when it was cozida and flaid. In the winter, the clico with the party was completed taimetorm6, in which the teeth extracted for confection of the trophy were lined up in a belt of algodo7, called Pariuaete-ran. This age the most elaborated of the ceremonies and the owners of the heads the allies to eat leathers of the hunting of dejaboishi invited. Before the party, she was carried through one great hunted, in which they acquired the provisionses for the marked day. In this day, all the tribe if congregated to attend tuchaua8 to confection the belt and to decorate it with teeth of the enemies, which clean and were pierced, to be later hung.


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