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February 14, 2014 | Uncategorized

The wedding gift has always been surrounded by intrigue, because for many it is unknown how much should give, in the case of monetary gifts, or how much should represent the detail which is purchased, in the case of wedding lists. The truth is that no couple runs to establish a minimum amount and maximum money but within the tag and Protocol surrounding this social event is handled an estimated. Read on and discover how much should give you or how much you should give you. To begin with, why should we do him a gift to the couple who gets married? This detail symbolizes the good wishes that they have for them; It is a contribution that is made so that they can build your home, and is also an excellent way to give back to them the good time that we will spend at your reception. To find out how much you should give, in addition to your economic freedom, should take into account the following: relationship or affinity with the bride and groom, participation in the feast (the godparents must make great gifts), type of celebration (simple, elegant) and others expenses that you should do related to wedding, as the cost of travel or transfers to the place. It estimated how much gastaras between the bachelorette party (or), the civil ceremony and ecclesiastical ceremony, an estimated 60% of the total amount, and that result will give you an idea of the amount of your gift, remember that this always depend on how are your finances.

While nearest seas a couple more will have to spend. If there is a list of weddings it is assumed that any gift that we choose will be liked by the bride and groom, since they themselves drew up its list; and if there, choose between appliances, decorative as vases, picture frames, lamps and furniture elements. Other gifts such as crockery and glassware are more likely to recur.

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