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Do you have a preferred side of the bed for sleeping? It’s fond some sports team? Life is pure habit. We all have an enormous amount of habits, some of them without realizing that we possess them. Although all have particular tastes, the truth is that many that we believe our tastes are just habits. It is impossible to live without habits. We must choose habits that produce us what we want that to be happy, rich, successful. Habits such as reading newspapers with so much violence, crime, corruption, certainly not closer so the wealth you want. If you want to get success, wealth and happiness in your life it is necessary to change some of their current habits. One of the habits that lead to prosperity, success and happiness, is proactive.

This habit of effectiveness (Covey) represents the possibility of assuming new challenges in an environment of individual freedom and social responsibility of the human person. This is the habit of the awareness and behaviour of responsibility, which It is determinant in each person to understand their achievements and frustrations, their challenges and their responses, ambitions and its achievements. It is very important to understand that you between the stimuli coming from the external and internal environment, and responses, manifested in observable behaviours or there is domestic decide freedom. This is obviously a non-deterministic stance, such as Viktor E. Frankl own bring it to consider the last of human freedoms.

Man is you can be stripped of everything except the choose their values of attitude to the circumstances of their own lives. The own Frankl gave a masterful lesson in inner choose freedom following his painful experience during his years of confinement (1942-1945) in four nazi concentration camps. His extraordinary book: A psychologist in a field of concentration (1946), later published under the title of: search for meaning man, always will endure as one of the most valuable legacies of courage and hope human in the most difficult conditions of support for a human being. Some illustrative examples about what constitutes the habit of responsibility, they are as follows: positively valued proactive because his daily practice also means greater personal freedom. Feel, think and Act recognizing that your family is your most important responsibility. Accept new challenges that challenge question and break his precarious security to develop increasingly. With determination and value exceed the internal and external barriers impeding him to act in a proactive manner. Anticipate the future designing preventive actions with creativity and opportunity. Act with utmost responsibility in his work as a smart way to make progress. Reaffirm day by day the responsibility that has about his own life. There are many other habits that lead to personal success and success in society. If you want to get the life you want, you must integrate these habits to their existence. In the book the power to transform our lives, Andrew Corentt presents tools to develop the habits that lead to leadership, the admiration, the magnetism, wealth, success and happiness. If you own these habits, others will see it not only as someone pro-active, as someone who does things, but also as someone reliable, someone who deserves their respect and confidence. Of being a follower can become leader. Be a passive force you can become an active and proactive force. With those habits will come wealth, success, happiness and power. original author and source of the article.


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