Planetary Ethics

April 24, 2017 | Uncategorized

It has seen that much has been said on a global conscience, on the preservation of the species and of the care it stops with the nature. Still today we erificamos these boardings and the boarding also of a espiritualidade. On account of the global heating, the Land is inside of a new situation. This new situation unchains a series of catastrophes with dimensions never seen, what also it affects all the biosfera and the proper future of the species human being in this planet. Everything this takes in them to think that it is necessary a new felt morality and a new of being. So that such things happen, they must be alicerar in the planetary espiritualidade.

To think about as to prevent the heating already is not enougher, is necessary to act of form that if does not become a catastrophe. With this, our first option is for the Land as a whole, therefore it is treated to save all. To opt to the Land takes us it the hope of that we can face the threats and transform them into chances of a new jump route to a level of history human being. It is possible that the Land, in the chaos situation which if finds, obtains to come across a new balance. This balance must involve the collective conscience of the humanity and make with that if it can move of state. It seems us that this reality is longnqua in the quantum understanding of the processes livings creature of the planet, seen and elaborated for sciences. In the dawn of the quantum physics, everything is interconnected, in a similar way as farfalhar of the wings of a butterfly it obtains to produce a chain of immense effect in the other tip of the reality, as Edward Lorenz verified in the call theory of the effect butterfly.


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