Pastoral Edition

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They explore the weak ones and oppressed, the employees of its company or its farming and, to disfarar, make long conjuncts! But vocs they do not lose for waiting, go spoon what they are planting. Vocs fights stops to convert somebody, and when they obtain still becomes, it worse because vocs they are blind guides! There of vocs scribes and fariseus. Vocs wealth of its churches of what values much more it the people, alive church. Hypocritical and blind! Vocs pays the tenth rigorously, and leaves of side the teachings most important of the Holy Writs, as justice, the mercy and the allegiance. Vocs creates problems for insignificant things and ahead closes the eyes of the injustices. There of vocs, hypocritical scribes and fariseus! Vocs if worries in following the Law and the tradition with severity, but on the inside they are full of desires of covets and greed.

Vocs is as tombs spotted: for it are seem pretty, but on the inside they are full of bones and podrido! Thus they are vocs: for it are, seem right ahead of the others, but on the inside they are full of hypocrisy and injustice. Race of poisonous snakes! Vocs cannot escape of the conviction of the hell! Vocs pursues and kills those that are prophet, but the blood of them will come on vocs. ' ' Jesus criticizes and condemns the religious leaders who support a system hypocritical formalist and: they do not consider the Kingdom of God as dom, nor the freedom of the children of God. Such system hinders to enter in the Kingdom, therefore it does not lead to the conversion, but the perversion, and destroys the true spirit of the Holy Writs. The religion legal formalist and is not half of salvation, but it produces practical escravizadora, what he is total opposing to that must be lived by any community crist' '. (Commentary of versicles 13 the 36 of Chapter 23 of Mateus – Baseboard of the Bible of the Pastoral Edition) Joo Vitor Mariano Ura – Paran


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