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November 21, 2017 | Uncategorized

We acquire orders of large and medium-sized companies, mostly from the fields of media, Internet, E-Commerce and Telecommunications come. Enterprises that efficiently your projects by us and our Clickworkers want to run, can use these on our website or through direct and personal contact with us in order. These are mostly tasks that the computer can accept, for which the programming is too expensive or existing staff for a rapid implementation is not sufficient. Our Clickworkers to create text and content in many languages, and according to exact specifications of the customer. Also editing and translations can be commissioned with us. Additional services include the meaningful map or structure of data of any kind. The customer shall submit data sets, which are then useful classified and categorized. A very typical area of application is the categorization of Web content as a basis to create well structured Web pages.

Also the research data or targeted surveys can be done from the Clickworkers. Furthermore, we are open for every new application.” 9. you are involved in the social Area. Which projects do you support? Wolfgang Kitza: We have partnered with the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, which operates the project “Network against Nazis”. Our Clickworkers have already traced about 1550 right-wing Internet sites for this project. The Foundation has redirected the pages depending on the severity of other institutions as E.g.

on Jugendschutz.NET can cause a possible prosecution or a closure of the sites. The material is also used to develop guidelines and training for communication strategies against the right. Now we have started for children a project also with steps, that window of opportunity the Namibians, the crowdsourcing job trend”to participate and earn money online. Also in future we would continue such and similar projects support.”www.clickworker.com food, Marz2011


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