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September 21, 2019 | Uncategorized

– Tell me more details of the scheme of your work – With regard to the preparation of investment projects, everything is clear. Works include market research, analysis equipment, analyze business and financial activities. In fact, this area activity does not apply to financial institutions. Creditor's important to understand the need for such work and require it from the Borrower. Often, after completion of the project, a future investor will not only radically revising the basic provisions, but also to withdraw from the project, realizing that the idea is not viable. More information is necessary to stop "service for credit institutions. In fact, this rapid survey. The scope of work includes several expert interviews with market players, a few interviews with suppliers of equipment, analysis of all available statistical information on the market well and analyze the correctness of calculations of financial performance 1.

Examination of the conclusions about market prospects of the project scope of work includes: A) Conduct of interviews with market players. B) Analysis of the statistics (if available on the market analyzed) B) Analysis of internal Information akpr 2. Evaluation of selection of basic equipment scope of work includes: A), Interview with the technologists operating plants B). Interviews with technology vendors and equipment 3. Evaluation of accuracy of calculations of indicators Financial performance 4. The scope of work includes an analysis of the results. format of REPORTS: 1.

assessment of market prospects project A) Forecast of Market B) forecast the potential market share) Industry Risks Project G) assessing the liquidity of the implemented project 2.


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