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They are worried about world-wide the financial collapse, an ecological crisis and the interruptions in the food provision. Radical the climatic landlords that are observed at the moment anywhere in the world are another indication of which something is bad with the world which we believed to know. What is going to happen from now until 2012? There is some way to take a conjecture about the challenges that have more probabilities of appearing? This is not a species of exercise of psychic prediction, is based entirely on the observation with vision of the future. Rare earth metal world-wide shortage: The world depends on the Rare Earth metals for the manufacture of everything, from electrical motors for the solar paddles and pieces of computers. It hopes a world-wide shortage to strike hard. Interruptions of the food provision struck the western countries: There will be one or more serious disturbances in the food provision that awakes to the Americans the fact that its food will not be so safe or abundant as they had imagined. The EE.UU electricity undergoes a catastrophic fault: At some time the electrical one of EE.UU will undergo a regional catastrophic failure that puts to tens of millions of people in the dark.

The electricity is a fragile system, in the hope of being demolished by a cascade of failures. These are some of the sites of Web that will help him to initiate their own investigation: SOLUTIONS To find forms of how reuniting a community to help itself mutually. Green Convirtete in using the natural power resources. To share this information with other people in its community, but you do not try to manipulate to the others in the following thing. To allow all to resonate or not with this information. To be an example and to begin to organize themselves and to prepare the conditions that will allow him to practice the meditation.


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