Light House Reef

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Next must be secured for the rod-arbor, wait until the boat-pendulum takes the extreme position of equilibrium in his movement and only then float to the ladder. Otherwise, you risk being demolished in side of the ladder over, arising when the boat (it really strong). Meals on board fairly decent, especially the "Legionnaires" pleased and beer ice cream machine (not before the dive). Spacious san-Dec suitable for relaxing holidays. There are two hammocks in which to sleep nicely at motion – lulls.

(For more details, see the section, "Boats", and if you want to go on this boat safari – fill out the form). Now on dive sites: the program safari includes a visit to the reef system of Light House Reef. A key point of this safari is Blue Hole – one of the most amazing dive sites in Belize. Photos of Blue Hole, made from a helicopter, became a business Card dive sites in Belize for divers worldwide. In the heart of a coral platform Light House Reef on the background of an emerald sea surface gapes deep blue hole diameter of 400 m and a depth of 145 m. This geological phenomenon was discovered Jacques-Yves Cousteau in 1970.

during the expedition on his research ship Calypso. The path of "Calypso" in the space above the swimming pool "hole" passed over the shallow part of the reef, including corals and Cousteau brought the team a lot of anxiety minutes. Today, visitors of this site follow the route laid komandorom. southern entrance to the pool "Holes" use small boats that bring divers from neighboring islands.


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